September 23, 2020


It's officially Fall! I'm SOOOO excited! Cozy mornings on the sofa with the windows open. Pulling sweaters out again. Chilly evenings on the soccer field. Hocus Pocus and all the candy. Meg Ryan movie marathons. I mean, does anyone else just want to rewatch all their favorite comfort shows & movies? You've Got Mail, for the win. I swear, something inside me switches when it's Fall and I'm instantly filled with a little more joy. 

I keep it pretty simple around here. Flying bat decals. A few Halloween dishes. And, all the pumpkins!

I'm obsessed with this doormat. The block lettering, the fun quote, a basic mat - it checks all the boxes!

These candles from Anthropologie are the only candles I like using in our house. The scents are subtle and the jars are gorgeous. I like to pick up our favorite scent (volcano!) in a pretty fall-ish jar or I'll pick up a festive scent like this spiced apple cider.

Pumpkins are my favorite decoration. We keep Fall simple with pumpkins that can hang out until Thanksgiving. These felt ones scream cozy!

I picked up a couple of dried wheat bundles from the grocery store this week and they are bringing me so much joy! 

For all of your hot chocolate refills while you're getting cozy watching Hocus Pocus.

I love the pop of color and the sweet lettering of this pillow - it's a nod to a nickname I call my babes pretty often.

Classic, pretty, and a little bit spooky. Obsessing over this galvanized jack-o-lantern too. 

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