September 15, 2020

What I read in August

August was a short month for the books. I wrapped up my 52 books project! Then, I took a little break and decided that while I wouldn't create a new goal for the rest of this year, I am going to still track what I read and share the books here and on my Instagram.

I have always loved to read but I realized that I haven't made it a priority in the last few years. When I decided to start the 52 book project, I really wasn't sure if I'd stick to it or finish it, but it really re-instilled that love of reading and the joy of the hunt of finding a good book!

An American Marriage was hauntingly beautiful. A wrongful conviction becomes a harsh reality for a young couple and the book weaves in and around their lives as they find themselves separated and figuring out their new lives.

The Sun Is Also A Star was wonderful! I'm not big on young adult books but this one felt beyond its' times.

The Guest List was a dark thriller. The setting was so perfect for the end of August. We get lots of summer thunderstorms here and the book was set on an isolated island with rough weather and choppy seas. While it wasn't my favorite thriller, I will admit that I didn't guess the "who done it" ending!

It's mid-September now and I'm in the middle of another really good book. I'd love to know, what are you reading now?

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