September 9, 2020


School is back in session! We started later in the year than usual thanks to covid and district decisions. I'm not complaining though. That stretched-out summer was a nice bonus after this mess of a year.

Nico is starting Kindergarten! Be still my heart. It is the strangest feeling to know we have two school-aged kiddos. Lia is entering 5th grade and in the kids' K-8 school, 5th is considered middle school! 

Yesterday was the first day and outside of a small zoom class hitch, the day ran smoothly. It was long and weird and the kids were exhausted by the end but we survived! Dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and a stop at Ben + Jerry's was the perfect way to round out our evening and reconnect.

I'm so grateful for teachers that are godsends. I don't know how they have the amount of patience it takes to zoom with 18+ kids and keep them all on track. They are amazing. We love our school and we love our community and despite so badly wanting to be in a classroom setting, we're doing it virtual style and embracing the good. 

Grace and deep breaths, friends. And, ice cream and anxiety meds and whatever else you need too! 

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