September 23, 2020

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It's officially Fall! I'm SOOOO excited! Cozy mornings on the sofa with the windows open. Pulling sweaters out again. Chilly evenings on the soccer field. Hocus Pocus and all the candy. Meg Ryan movie marathons. I mean, does anyone else just want to rewatch all their favorite comfort shows & movies? You've Got Mail, for the win. I swear, something inside me switches when it's Fall and I'm instantly filled with a little more joy. 

I keep it pretty simple around here. Flying bat decals. A few Halloween dishes. And, all the pumpkins!

I'm obsessed with this doormat. The block lettering, the fun quote, a basic mat - it checks all the boxes!

These candles from Anthropologie are the only candles I like using in our house. The scents are subtle and the jars are gorgeous. I like to pick up our favorite scent (volcano!) in a pretty fall-ish jar or I'll pick up a festive scent like this spiced apple cider.

Pumpkins are my favorite decoration. We keep Fall simple with pumpkins that can hang out until Thanksgiving. These felt ones scream cozy!

I picked up a couple of dried wheat bundles from the grocery store this week and they are bringing me so much joy! 

For all of your hot chocolate refills while you're getting cozy watching Hocus Pocus.

I love the pop of color and the sweet lettering of this pillow - it's a nod to a nickname I call my babes pretty often.

Classic, pretty, and a little bit spooky. Obsessing over this galvanized jack-o-lantern too. 

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September 22, 2020

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The Sunday Edition on a Tuesday, because that's how this week is going. 

Doctor appointments, soccer games, zoom calls throughout the days, attempting to keep up with the chaos this week. It's only Tuesday and I'm ready to curl up on the sofa with a Meg Ryan movie and ignore everything. Anyone else at that point this week?

And, here's a few things from around the web...

Ruth Bader Ginsberg. An iconic woman.

The charm of The Great British Bake-Off continues!

Parenting advice that is still going strong.

Rifle Paper Co. now has puzzles and I am here for it.

And, a Fall treat to bring all the cozy vibes we need.

Here's to the next half of this week. May it bring joy and good news.
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September 17, 2020

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We're in the middle of the second week of virtual distance learning. It's going! I'll admit that while it's hard and exhausting and not at all what we want for school, it's also better than the version we had in the Spring. 

I love schedules and routines as much as the next gal but my kids don't love the repetitive schedule of zoom calls and classes throughout every week day. On the bright side, it's given me the chance to create some cozy, learning spaces in our home!

We had a desk in the playroom that no one really used so we brought it downstairs to the dining room. There's enough space there for both kids to sit and learn together and a cart full of their extra supplies! But, we learned that Nico does his best learning downstairs at the desk while Lia does her upstairs in her room.

So, Nico stays downstairs at the desk and I stay set up at the dining table beside him most of the day. 5 year olds have very short attention spans! He has a small basket of fidget toys to help channel some energy and I'm around to remind him to focus. 

We picked up a dressing table at IKEA a few weekends ago for L and it's working as a desk in the corner of her room. 

She does her zoom classes upstairs during the day and pops in downstairs during breaks to grab food or to check in with me. She does bigger projects and classwork downstairs after school hours.

We tried to make it fun since she's spending most of her day there. Did you catch the squishy banana pen?! She's got a basket of fun squishy toys nearby too! She's got a copy of her daily scheduled taped on the wall now to keep her on schedule but 5th graders seem to have it all figured out! 

We all miss school and their friends and I miss volunteering in their school and seeing them in their element. But, we're soaking up this new experience and the extra time we all get together!

PS. If you are a teacher, we bow down to you! You are incredible and amazing and I don't know how you do it but I am so glad that you do!

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What I read in August

September 15, 2020

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August was a short month for the books. I wrapped up my 52 books project! Then, I took a little break and decided that while I wouldn't create a new goal for the rest of this year, I am going to still track what I read and share the books here and on my Instagram.

I have always loved to read but I realized that I haven't made it a priority in the last few years. When I decided to start the 52 book project, I really wasn't sure if I'd stick to it or finish it, but it really re-instilled that love of reading and the joy of the hunt of finding a good book!

An American Marriage was hauntingly beautiful. A wrongful conviction becomes a harsh reality for a young couple and the book weaves in and around their lives as they find themselves separated and figuring out their new lives.

The Sun Is Also A Star was wonderful! I'm not big on young adult books but this one felt beyond its' times.

The Guest List was a dark thriller. The setting was so perfect for the end of August. We get lots of summer thunderstorms here and the book was set on an isolated island with rough weather and choppy seas. While it wasn't my favorite thriller, I will admit that I didn't guess the "who done it" ending!

It's mid-September now and I'm in the middle of another really good book. I'd love to know, what are you reading now?

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September 14, 2020

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Meal planning is going to save our sanity!

The first week of school is never an easy feat, but make it virtual learning? And, a certain amount of extra chaos is going to be involved. I have what feels like a hundred emails from the kids' schools, testing dates on our calendar, and a jumble of new school apps to learn.

We fared relatively well, though, last week! The internet connection didn't fail us, we were only late to one zoom class, and I credit our success to the kids' amazing teachers and having a meal plan for the week! It was one less thing in my day to figure out. 

Here's what we're eating this week!

It's that time of the year when the weather cools down (if you live somewhere else, anyways) and the weeknights get hectic with back to school and sports, so I filled this week's plans with lots of comfort food and slow cooker meals to balance out that madness!

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September 13, 2020

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Happy Sunday, friends!

Yesterday, I brought home a small pumpkin from the grocery store and introduced L to 'You've Got Mail' and the kids are itching to decorate for Halloween!  It's mid-September and I am feeling all the Fall feels. 

And, here's a few things around the web I'm loving this week...

Bottled butterbeer! It's just a shame it's only being sold in the UK.

A state-by-state guide on how to vote in the 2020 election.

Pan-banging chocolate chip cookies are going on my "to make" list!

These cookies are going on the list, too!

A fun doormat to spruce up your porch!

Frozen pizza winners! Two favorites of ours not on this list - Red Baron Thin & Crispy Pepperoni (doctored up with some frozen green peppers) and Greenwise Three Cheese.

Two simple but effective "fidget toys" that's making zoom classes for us a little easier - one | two

Here's to gearing up for our second week of virtual school. The fridge is stocked, the devices are charged, and we've had time down time to recharge this weekend. Have a great one!

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September 9, 2020

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School is back in session! We started later in the year than usual thanks to covid and district decisions. I'm not complaining though. That stretched-out summer was a nice bonus after this mess of a year.

Nico is starting Kindergarten! Be still my heart. It is the strangest feeling to know we have two school-aged kiddos. Lia is entering 5th grade and in the kids' K-8 school, 5th is considered middle school! 

Yesterday was the first day and outside of a small zoom class hitch, the day ran smoothly. It was long and weird and the kids were exhausted by the end but we survived! Dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and a stop at Ben + Jerry's was the perfect way to round out our evening and reconnect.

I'm so grateful for teachers that are godsends. I don't know how they have the amount of patience it takes to zoom with 18+ kids and keep them all on track. They are amazing. We love our school and we love our community and despite so badly wanting to be in a classroom setting, we're doing it virtual style and embracing the good. 

Grace and deep breaths, friends. And, ice cream and anxiety meds and whatever else you need too! 
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