August 2, 2020


Happy Sunday! It's August and I didn't realize that until the middle of the day when I saw something on Instagram. We have reached day 7 of M having covid and being quarantined. You can read some of my thoughts on that here, but it still stands that we're okay and this too shall pass.

In the meantime, I'm grabbing hold of any iota of inspiration or feel-good thing that pops in my mind and going with it. The other night it was snuggling on the sofa with my kiddos, eating popcorn and watching the newest Disney Channel movie Upside-Down Magic. Yesterday, it was putting the clean slipcovers back on our outdoor sofa and thinking about putting together a blog post on our progress back there. Thinking about it. Because, that's the energy level I'm working with right now.

And, here's a few things around the web I'm loving this week....

This daisy bracelet tutorial is giving me all the summer camp vibes. Filling up our amazon cart with supplies!

Also, this morse code bracelet DIY.

My new favorite pants. Perfect for lounging around the house, playing soccer in the backyard with the kids, or driving to pick up your (contactless!!) grocery order.

If an outfit could be an extra in a Nancy Meyers movie.

I just discovered WindowSwap and it brightened my day! Lia said "that's so cool!".  If you're feeling restless with your current view, you should totally try it.

Praline Bacon BLT Sandwiches.

Will there be a new season of The Great British Baking Show? We've got our fingers crossed!

Breonna Taylor on the cover of the Oprah Magazine. Since the start of the magazine, this is the first time that someone other than Oprah has appeared on the cover!

On my 'to-listen to' list.

Mail-in ballots. Thoughts?

Why we reach for nostalgia in times of crisis.

Enjoy this week, friends!

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