October 28, 2020

What we're watching on netflix

Has there been a better time to veg out on the sofa (or in bed!) and binge watch your favorite shows and movies? 

As a family, we have always bonded over a good movie or TV series. That's not to say we don't put some screen time rules in place, because we totally do. In fact, we allow screens (besides zoom school) only once during the school day and that's when we settle down for the kids' slightly overlapping lunch times and the kids watch a show together. Lately, it's been The Worst Witch and the bewitching, cozy vibes that fill our living room is such a feel-good thing for the middle of our day.

Our other family favorites include Hamilton (it's still a thing in our house!) and The Great British Baking Show. Despite having a list of favorites though, we still deal with the dreaded "what should we watch" situation where we scroll through apps for at least 20 minutes trying to land on the perfect thing to watch. So, it sounded fun to throw together a list for you guys, in case you too need to settle the next "what should we watch" debate!

Some of these are great shows to put on in the background that require no focus. M always turns on a show when folding laundry or washing dishes. My go-to lately is an episode of The Crown while folding 5 hampers of laundry. And others are good for family snuggle sessions on the sofa and some are just for mom to chill and veg out to!

Happy watching! 

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