July 27, 2020


So, we found out today that our guy has covid. We believe it's being traced back to his work and while the kids and I have no symptoms, we plan to self-quarantine in the house (separated from M, of course) and just assume we're positive. He's okay and we're okay and we're just hanging in there.

Up until now, we've been cautious. We wear masks and hand sanitize, we don't really socialize outside of a super tiny circle. It's a weird feeling, feeling guilty and terrible that you could have spread it to someone else, but knowing that, in this covid-era situation, you did everything you could with the knowledge you had on hand.

That being said, I'm pulling double duty and meals are about to get real easy again (and all groceries are getting delivered!).

I think I'll enlist the kids help in making the pizza dough. We're going to have to get creative again with how we spend our days at home! 

Send me all the ideas, friends. And stay healthy out there, xo.

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