July 22, 2020


I've got a mid-week meal plan for you today! We had some plans change earlier this week and I found I needed to plan out some meals I wasn't expecting to plan this week, so we're going simple - burgers, pizza, nachos. It sounds like a lot of bar food, ha! 

We're soaking up this week for what it is though! Simple eats and gathering around the table together. The good, the bad, the stress over school decisions, the figuring out of fall plans. We're reaching that weird summertime limbo. School is pushed back for a few more weeks and we'll most likely do virtual regardless but we still need to make plans for fall activities and school supplies and all the stuff!

It's Nico's last week of soccer, too. He's bummed but we're so proud of how well he played and we're happy with how the season turned out. So, here's to his last game tonight and pizza takeout. The makings of a really good Wednesday night.

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