July 19, 2020


Happy Sunday! Summer feels so weird this year. It's like summer is almost over but didn't it just start? Yet I feel we've been doing "summer" forever now and also we've done n.o.t.h.i.n.g. See what I mean, weird!? But, they just announced that the start date of school is being pushed back to September 8th, so I'm determined to soak up the rest of summer (and the extra couple of weeks we're getting!).

I always thought, as a kid who got out of school in May and started back in August, that going back to school in September was so dreamy. It's probably because September is closer to the official start of fall, but kid-me thought all the other kids were so lucky.

So, I'm taking the path of joy admist this chaos. Finding pockets of joy and bits of happiness every day! Embracing the changes and the ebbs and flows that I know are coming around the corner. We're going to dive into the people and things we love and let them carry us through the days.

And, here's a few things around the web I'm loving this week...

With restaurants closed (or re-closing, like here!) and takeout options limited, hibachi at home sounds so good!

Virtual schooling looks like a serious and likely option for us this fall so I'm calling in reinforcements - fun school supplies! These cute pens are guaranteed to bring a little cheer to a virtual school day. Or, this banana pen. Who doesn't want to do math problems with that guy?

Adding these alphabet printables to our morning schedule for Nico when school starts!

Our new favorite card game and a few on our to-try list (1 and 2).

How to keep a kiddie pool clean! The DIY I have been looking for all summer!

A DIY nature mobile.

Rice krispy treats.

Transcribing anti-slavery manuscripts for the Boston Library.

What's your comfort movie? Mine are When Harry met Sally and You've Got Mail.

How's your weekend going? Find those pockets of joy, friends.

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