July 17, 2020

Tried + True Favorites

Is anyone else super inspired by what other people love? I'm a compulsive review reader and I'm always down for a "favorite things" type blog post! I'm also a creature of habit and I tend to use and wear the same things over and over, changing and adapting as seasons come and go or as life flows.

But, here's a few of my tried + true favorites lately!

The perfect summer dress from Target. I picked this up at my local Target last month and I can't count how many times I've worn it since. It's lightweight and slightly textured and just seriously the best dress on a summer day. It's been in and out of stock but I got lucky and snagged the mint version in store today!

Knotted headbands for the win! I have this Target version but the J.Crew style is on my wish list.

These fabric masks from Old Navy are my new favorite. Like it or not, masks are required here and more stores are taking a national stand as well. These are soft, breathable, and come in super cute patterns. The adult size fits me perfect while the child size fits Nico (he's 5) perfectly. The only downside is that Lia is between both sizes and can't get a good fit in either. She uses these instead or homemade ones my sister-in-laws sent us.

Reliving my childhood and watching all of the new episodes of The Babysitter's Club on netflix. It's so good and I love the modern take on the topics and situations the girls find themselves in.

Dreamy, matte, ceramic bowls. Anthropologie has restyled their classic latte bowls and created magic again.

Finally, razors for women that are just as good as the ones for men. I tried the Flamingo brand a few months ago and I really like them. They are comparable to the Harry's razors I stole from my husband but prettier!

Glass jars! They hold everything in our house from markers to laundry detergent to sugar and flour. Pretty storage is everything!

A perfectly sized crossbody. I love my giant bag but everything gets lost in it and now more than ever, I need something that has everything within reach. It holds exactly what I need and nothing more.

Michelle Obama. I've spent weeks reading this off and on. It reads like fiction and gets great reviews (literally, everyone I take it someone mentions how great they thought it was). I can't decide if I want to finish it all in one sitting or stretch it out so it doesn't have to end.

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