July 24, 2020


This handsome guy just finished his 3rd season of soccer! I can remember writing this post about his first practice last year. We were keeping our fingers crossed that he'd like it and maybe burn off some extra energy. 

It's safe to say he's found his passion! His first season of soccer really instilled a love for the game in him and this most recent season just really reconfirmed it. This season was hard. He moved up to the next age level yet his team was made up of 4-5 year olds and every game they played were against 6-7 year olds. Kids that were bigger and had a little more experience. 

His team played their hearts out every game. They took balls to the face, they took the losses right alongside the wins. They supported each other and played so well together.

They finished the season strong last night and most importantly, they had fun this season! It was a weird season - the spring season was pushed back into the summer making it extra hot and covid adds an extra layer of weirdness. But still, it was one of his best seasons yet!

I think his smile says it all!

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