July 8, 2020


A bright spot in our days lately is a trip to the library! Our library recently reopened (with extra safety measures in place) and while we can't hang around and spend hours playing or going to story time, we can still fill our bag with book choices for the week and it's bringing so much joy to our home right now.

I thought I'd start sharing some of our libary finds. The kids and I each pick a handful and we typically fill up our library bag every time we go.

Nico tends to grab whatever cover interests him. I'll always add in some books that I want the kids to read too!

Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures drew his attention pretty quickly. We have the Atlas of Animal Adventures at home and he made the connection and insisted we get this one too.

Saturday is the sweetest story of a young girl and her mom and a typical Saturday that doesn't work out they way they planned but the ending is heartwarming.

Lia tends to hunts down whatever is interesting her that week or she browses for the next book in whatever series she is currently reading. Right now, it's The Babysitters Club!

Meg, Beth, Jo, and Amy takes on a fun, modern twist to Little Women. We recently read the classic version together and then obsessed over the movie versions too.

We went yesterday to renew our cards, grab our holds, and stock up on some new books! We're, like a good chunk of the world, obsessed with Hamilton right now and once Lia saw I had a few books about Hamilton and Eliza, she immediately went off in search of her own options.

Who was Alexander Hamilton is the only one she found in our library, but we did put a hold on Eliza: The Story of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton.

She's also really into the "who was" series and I love hearing her rattle off the facts she's picked up from the books.

And, I usually have mine pre-picked for me on the holds shelf. It makes our trips a little more peaceful when I have already looked up what I want to read and had them put on hold. I'm currently reading Dear Edward and Becoming but I plan on digging into these next.

I also track what I read on goodreads and share what we're reading here too.

What good books are you reading lately, friends? In this weird and unsettling COVID time, I'm extra thankful for books taking us away for a while.

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