July 10, 2020

What I read in June

I started June out strong with A Better Life. I devoured the book and then regretted not having read it slowly with a highlighter and post-its handy. There was so much that resonated with me. It's definitely a book I'll be reading again!

Exciting Times was not exciting. I picked it up and put it down so many times. I slowly trudged through it. I usually finish most books that I start - call it FOMO or blind hope that the book will get better. This one didn't. It was odd and slow moving. 

Two Truths and A Lie was the perfect beach read! I have another one by the same author lined up for July. 

But, Five Years was my favorite. It wasn't what I was expecting yet it was SO GOOD. A love story but not the one you'd expect to read. 

The Mothers was another top contender. It had heavier topics than everything else I read this month, making it the perfect balance for me. I'm waiting on a library copy of her newest book, Vanishing Half. I'm hoping it comes in soon - I've heard great things!

Real Life was another slow read. Great content, but it just didn't flow for me. And, Someone Else's Secret was good. But, I'll admit, I had to google it to remember what it was about. Beach-y type read with a little mystery/heavier topics.

With 10 books to go before I reach my goal, I think I'll finish my goal and then focus on a picking stack of books per month to read. I'll set a new goal next year! But, having this goal has really pushed me to focus on reading again and it couldn't have come at a better time.

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