June 16, 2020


I think we stuck to our meal plan last week every night except for one! It was pretty great. Also, going out for mexican food instead of cooking was pretty great too!

I threw in a couple of new recipes that I am excited to try this week. Also, I'm already drooling over the idea of chicken & waffles. It's one of our favorite "easy" meals to make that pleases everyone. Our shortcut is to always grab fried chicken from Publix or Parkers! Our local gas station chain, Parker's, has a hot food bar and their fried chicken tenders are seriously good. 

But, here's a recipe for chicken and waffles that looks amazing, if you're looking to make everything from scratch. If I am ever feeling adventurous one day, maybe I'll try it! Ha!

And, of course, we've got a couple of quick go-to's like burgers and crockpot pork to help balance out busy-ish days. Between soccer and decluttering ALL the stuff, our days have been full the last week.

Enjoy some good food this week, friends!

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