June 8, 2020


Don't those fries look SO GOOD? It's a recipe my husband discovered online a while ago and we love to recreate it every now and then. You can the recipe here - and the marinade works just as well with chicken!

We have been eating a lot more meals at home the past few months! Or, trying to. I can't turn down a good food truck event in the neighborhood or pizza takeout. But, with covid-19 still floating around and restaurant limitations, we really aren't going out quite as much.

Thankfully, our area hasn't had too many issues with food suppliers and we can usually find what we need at the grocery store any given day! Except the holy trifecta of toilet paper, lysol, and hand soap. It's like winning the lottery when you find the a store stocked them.

Anyways, here's whats on the menu for this week! I dropped the ball with meals the last two weeks and it was um, noticeable. So, I planned an entire week and shopped for everything tonight.

Here's hoping the next week is a little smoother!

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