June 11, 2020


The official start to summer is so close but here in South Carolina, the heat + humidity have already arrived. It's a really good thing we replaced our AC and installed a fan on the back patio!

If you guys are anything like us, summer break feels like heaven. Especially this year. At-home schooling was not fun around here, for any of us. And with social distancing still happening, we're soaking up our lack of plans and spending most of our days at home.

Here are some of our summer favorites to get us through the days!

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

Old Navy + Gap are my go-to's for stocking up on swimsuits but Walmart actually surprised me this year! I grabbed L several cute ones on clearance this week along with that teal coverup. Our neighborhood pool opened up recently so I foresee a good amount of time being spent there. We also have a small inflatable pool for our backyard so the kids will probably live in swimsuits this summer.

With our new patio makeover making major progress, the kids are spending more time outdoors. Jump ropes, bubbles, and the soccer ball are regularly pulled out of the toy bin and that green toys one has held up so well for YEARS.

And, for the super hot days - homemade popsicles! I'm on the hunt for some good flavors to try. These lemonade stand popsicles looks so yummy.

Here's to summer, sunshine, and fun!

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