June 9, 2020

let's do better

Politics aside, I think this is a statement we can all agree on. Let's do better! For today, for tomorrow, for our children, for THEIR children. We can do better, so let's start.

I have spent most of 2020 with an anxiety-filled heart and mind. Covid-19 concerns, quarantines, chaos around the world, and now this. It's tiresome and heartbreaking. It makes me angry and upset and confused. And, I know that I am blessed and privileged. I am thankful for that and hyper aware that it is something that I cannot deny or overlook.

I have spent most of the last week reading articles, watching shows and movies based on racism, and researching books to add to my reading list. I have sat back and listened. I have sat with my thoughts, trying to un-jumble them. I have been actively trying to diversify my social media feeds. Not because I believe that following people of color will somehow be a quick fix. But, because I want to see a change in the world and we can all change the world with the steps we take in our personal lives.

I want to broaden the type of content that I see on my social media feeds. I want to open my eyes to more than just what's happening inside my privileged bubble. I want my kids to grow up being anti-racist. I want them to see color and to appreciate color - especially their own.

I am raising two beautiful, biracial children with an amazing brown husband. We have had to find the balance between his background and mine and find a cohesive way to raise our babes. And, we have! But that doesn't mean the work is done. That doesn't mean our kids won't face racism in their lives. That doesn't mean they won't one day question why they don't quite look like mommy or daddy.

So, really, I just wanted to acknowledge it here. Inspiring quotes, sharing tweets, and posting a black box of silence is all well and good as long as it doesn't stop there.

I've gathered a list of resources, articles, books I'm adding to my shopping cart and library holds, and parenting tips and I am sharing it here. It's a small step, but it's a step.

I may share or say something wrong. Odds are that I already have. I might really mess it up sometimes. But, I can't learn unless I keep pushing forward and doing the work in my heart, in my life, and even in my social media feeds.

Articles + Information

Parenting Topics

Books + Movies 
Books for Diversity (for kids!)
Here We Read (for kids, too!)

Social Media accounts

This just touches the surface of the vast of information and support and amazing people out there. So, yeah, let's do better, friends.

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