May 19, 2020

What I read this year

In January, I made a goal to read 52 books this year. I was pretty sure I could average a book a week and still have some cushion if I found myself burnt out. 

I hit a small bump exactly halfway in, but I picked up another book, kept going, and I just finished book number 34 last night. So, I'd say the goal is going pretty strong! 

I've been documenting my progress on my Instagram highlights reel and in my Get To Work Book (the planner that has ended my search for planners!) and it's really great to actually get the products of this goal down on paper and be able to flip back through the pages.

There's so many good stories in this mix but these are a few favorite mentionables...

Daisy Jones & The Six - An easy, fun story written in interview style. It was a different style than what I usually go for but it was so well-written that for most of the book I was convinced these characters and this rock band were real.

This Is How It Always Is - This one pulled on my heartstrings. Parenthood and love and being different were central topics in this book and it was such good one!

Little Fires Everywhere - I loved the little mystery thrown in the mix of a story about two families from two different worlds and what happens when they collide.

Big Lies in a Small Town - I've been a fan of Diane Chamberlain for a while. This book was no different. A beautiful story about an artist, second chances, stories of the past wrapped up in small-town history, and love.

The Alice Network - By far, my favorite book of the year. Powerful female characters, a gripping storyline, a historic background, and a sprinkling of love and family. SO GOOD.

I'm in love with books and feeling SO GRATEFUL that there are so many good stories to read. Especially in today's current quarantine. 

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