April 3, 2020

life lately

"Can we come into the out now?"

It's a funny little joke we've got running in our house now, but seriously, CAN WE?

We're a few weeks into this new normal and some days I have a grasp on reality. Those are the days we're usually tackling something from our old normal - like grabbing takeout (while social distancing!), tackling house projects, and hanging out in our backyard.

Most days I'm flailing like a fish out of water, though. The days blur together. Hours of virtual classwork, sharing funny memes on my IG stories, making countless meals and snacks, and watching all the episodes of Tiger King.

It's fine though, we're fine.

We're surviving and holding out for the days we can go out and resume life again. When we can just BE.

On the bright side, because there's always a bright side, maybe this is THE break we all need. I know I've said this year that I just needed the world to stop for a few days. I needed to breath and catch up. While I didn't really expect a viral pandemic to be the reason the world stopped, here we are.

Lia learned to ride her bike and we've been taking long bike rides together. It's been great.
We finished our backyard deck!
We're spending more time together than ever.
And, our house is filled with LIFE.

The communities around the country are coming together like never before.
The sheer amount of resources being pooled online for kids and families is incredible.
Virtual museum tours, Josh Gad reading stories, Mo Willems teaching art.

Let's embrace the good where we can find it, and let's learn from the bad.

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