August 8, 2019


It's the middle of the week and I've actually kept on top of my to-do lists every day! The house is clean, I've made dinner the past three nights, and I'm fitting in time to get some early prep work done for a event I'm styling this weekend.

So, I thought I'd share a little room tour of my girl's room! Lia loves pink and all things girly. I am the opposite. But, this room is a great little mashup of both of our styles and it's one of my favorite rooms in the house!

Book ledges (and floating shelves!) are one of my favorite design pieces. These were handmade by my amazing husband! He used this DIY tutorial. I spray-painted them white. They came out a little more rustic than I envisioned but I tend to roll with the punches on DIY. Style-lover or not, I'm not the best do-it-yourself gal. It is what it is! 

But filled with sweet trinkets and her favorite books, they are perfect.

When we first moved into this house, L requested a pink room and that's what we gave her! But, a year or two ago, I decided she needed a room makeover. Her room was feeling very young and the style of it wasn't changing and stretching and growing along with us, unlike the style in the rest of our house.

I picked out a coral-y peachy color and redid her room. And, I hated it. I styled the space and let it go for a little while but I eventually couldn't take it anymore and it got repainted another light pink. This color is Benjamin Moore's wispy pink and I couldn't love it more! It's soft and light and just perfect.

Both of my kid's rooms are works in progress, much like the rest of our house. But, if I waited to share them when they were 100% done - they'd never get shared! I am always re-arranging, changing up the pillows, adding new artwork. I want to create rooms that grow WITH my kids!

That being said, she desperately needs something over her bed and I've been on the hunt for a big floor rug. I'm also getting the itch to change her comforter (I'm a big fan of duvets and hers is the only room without one right now so I think it's time for a switch!) and her nightstands need some love. We recently replaced the ones in our bedroom and passed these down so she'd have two matching ones. I just haven't gotten around to styling them yet. Although, there's always a stack of books on them so I guess she's styled them herself! 

Really I just want rooms that my kids love. Rooms that will love them back. A soft, space landing to recharge when the world gets to be too much. 

Nightstands, IKEA
Dresser, IKEA
Sheets, Target
Book shelves, DIY
Floral prints, Rifle Paper Co.
White frames, IKEA
Swiss cross blanket, Amazon
Unicorn lamp, Target
Fringe baskets, Target
Wire basket, Target

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