July 16, 2019


We had so much fun exploring some local beaches, soaking up the salty, sea air on a quiet Monday evening last week. And of course, no trip to the island is complete without a stop at the Rita's stand. Cherry gelati with twist, please!

It's really fun to play tourist in your own town and find the hidden gems you've somehow overlooked. Bonus - no travel time! Our kids really don't like long car rides. They have the "are we there yet" questions nailed down. So, when I was talking with a friend recently and she mentioned a local beach that isn't usually crowded (beaches here in the summer time here are usually packed!) and totally worth a visit we put that one at the top of our list for our next beach evening.

It did not disappoint! We squelched through the mud left behind from the low tide, dodging the crabs scurrying around. The kids watched airplanes as they flew in low ready to land at the nearby airport. We even peeked around at a couple of turtle nesting spots, careful not to disturb anything. And, we quickly realized that this was a great spot for beach combing and hanging out! 

The kids had their heart set on building a sandcastle and jumping in the waves, though, so we packed up and drove down to our favorite local spot. 

It's usually quiet(er) in the evenings when the sun is low and the tide was perfect for the kids. They are never happier than when they are playing in the ocean. It's one place I have no problem capturing some real smiles!

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