April 2, 2019


An easy meal plan for our week! We don't have a whole lot going on outside of our normal routine so it should be easy to stick to our plan this week. Nico has been sick the past few days so I have a lot of playing catch-up to do! I've also got a balloon garland installation this weekend so the tail end of this week will be full of balloons and achy fingers!

I haven't actually ordered groceries for the week yet (whoops!) so finding a bag of chicken in the freezer and pulling out my favorite bbq chicken recipe is saving tonight! I'm winging the rice recipe after a quick Pinterest search with what I have on hand and keeping my fingers crossed I have success pulling a dinner out of thin air. 

But, I'm most excited about the chicken cutlet sandwiches. The recipe looks amazing but of course, the story written around them is the real clincher. Check it out, find a delicious recipe, enjoy! 

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