April 27, 2019


It's been almost a week since Easter but it took me that long to get around to editing the photos! Coming home from vacation to jump right into a favorite holiday always messes with me. But, we got it done and Easter Sunday was a really great day!

 We took on the morning in our usual, simple fashion. I put a fun spin on cinnamon rolls by turning them into fun little bunnies! The kids opened their baskets, dyed eggs, and ate entirely too much candy.

Later in the day we took them down to our favorite spot by the river to enjoy the gorgeous flower displays and the fresh air and to run off some serious candy-fueled energy.

 I probably say it to myself every year but I really like intentional holidays. I love the prep that goes into them. From finding the perfect basket fillers to planning a special dinner. I like the thought and the intent that I put into these days for my babes. It's my jam!

I hope you + yours had a great Easter in whatever way is your jam!

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