March 1, 2019


I can be a creature of habit and when I find something that I love, I tend to stick with it for awhile! It really makes me happy to have a few trusted, favorite items + brands on hand and around our home to fuel inspiration and all the feel-good vibes that we can get! 

1. The perfect tee // I found this simple top at Old Navy this week. It's got a boat neck, a super soft feel, and the perfect swing fit. 

2. An everyday lip // I grabbed this on a whim at Target and it's the perfect slightly pink neutral color with a hint of shine. It's simple enough to wear everyday and it glides right on!

3. Our nightly read // Lia and I take turns reading a couple pages of this each night! It's been a solid part of our nightly routine lately. 

4. To tame little boy hair // This stick is super easy to use, has a nice smell, and keeps those cowlicks and random hairs in place. 

5. In our DVD player // We introduced the kids to Mary Poppins after our last Disney trip and Nico can't get enough! He asks to watch it at least once a day. 

6. For my sensitive skin // I have crazy sensitive skin and I can't use any fragrances. This line by Dove has been my go-to in the shower to get clean and keep my skin calm!

7. For ALL the hair // Tangles and tears are something that were part of our everyday routine. Lia's hair is thick and brushing it was never fun. The Wet brush, though? It works and the tears and tangles are gone!

Do you keep a few favorite items on hand or are you always looking to change it up? 

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