March 11, 2019


This month has been busier than ever - the kids both have a lot going on between school, therapy, after-school activities. We're trying to get our backyard makeover done too! So, easy meals are especially needed lately!

The kids have dentist appointments after school today so I'm going to pick up a roast chicken at the store and pair it with some rice to make a quick dinner. Store-bought roast chickens can be a serious lifesaver! 

Another lifesaver - salsa chicken! Throw some sliced peppers + onions in the bottom of a crockpot, add chicken breasts on top, season everything with your favorite seasoning (we use Goya Adobo or Badia Complete Seasoning), then add a few spoonfuls of salsa (we like this one). Cook on low or 6ish hours! Serve with tortillas or over rice. Think quick fajitas or a rice bowl! 

Also, PI day is coming up. Pizza, forever and ever - am I right? 

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