March 15, 2019


The soccer season here started this month and Nico is old enough to play this year. We told him a few weeks before the season started and he was so excited to "meet his soccer friends!" This kid has the biggest heart and every kid he knows is his friend. 

We started practice last weekend and it's safe to stay he loves it. He actually walked off the field after practice this week and said "that was epic!". I haven't touched much on the subject of his speech issues but he's been in therapy for awhile and to hear words like "epic" come from his mouth in situations where it totally makes sense is mind-boggling in the best way.

I'm excited for another season of being a soccer mom. Lia did a season but then we let her quit her second season super early on when we quickly realized that ballet was more her thing. 

Also, can you spot her up there reading in the shade? She's turning into a bookworm and she gets it honest!

Here's to finding what Nico loves and spending time on the sidelines cheering him on - on and off of the soccer field!

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