March 14, 2019


We have made some major progress on our backyard! When I say this has been years in the making, I mean YEARS. We've been in our current house for close to 7 years and our backyard has never been what we want. But, we're changing that!

Because of the slope and just the way our yard was built in general, it was impossible to keep grass growing + healthy in the areas closest to the house. We tried to keep the grass growing, we tried to lay down rocks/gravel in some areas - nothing worked. It was a big, ugly, eye sore full of weeds. And it was useless! It was literally space that we couldn't do anything with.

Around a year ago, we had enough. I scoured Pinterest, we took ideas from a friend's backyard oasis, and came up with a plan! We wanted a covered roof over the back patio, a fire pit, an extended patio, and a large deck for dining! 

We started out buying the major supplies we'd need. Then we put everything in the garage and it sat there. It sat for months. We'd do a little work and life would happen and the big eyesore was back.
A few months ago, we got serious again. 

The extended patio was our first project. It was a learning curve because we are total novices over here. We had a few mishaps but ultimately, my amazing guy got the job done. We went with paver bricks for a contrast in color and texture. Originally, we were going to just pour extra concrete around but being the daughter of a concrete man and not living near him, I didn't really feel comfortable hiring the job out and in the end, bricks were just easier and quicker. 

The wood deck was was next. It's just a flat deck that's been built on a frame in the ground. The deck is actually only half-done. We plan on extending it the same amount to give us more space. The kids think the deck has been the greatest thing! Just having an open space for them to ride scooters on and play around safely has been so great. 

Ignoring the hot mess that's still ALL over our backyard, things are improving! Eventually, we'll have rocks and pavers in front the gate doors on both sides of the house. We're also looking for ideas to build a table onto our grill since we use it so much. We plan on buying new hedges for extra privacy along the back fence too. New patio furniture, sun shades, outdoor plants. Also, twinkle lights everywhere! 

It's been slow but I'm so excited for the potential our space has. 

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