March 27, 2019


This is our bright master bedroom! The past few years I've been a little obsessed with using green in design - our master bedroom first, then our guest room, and a few fun touches in some client work I've done. The main inspiration for our bedroom came from this pin. The moment I saw those green walls, I knew it was our color. I didn't know the exact color but I found what I thought was the closest match and went with it. I am THE worst when it comes to painting swatches - I usually go on a whim and it usually works for me. This time? It worked!
It took me a few years before the green walls to figure out the direction I wanted to go in. Like the rest of our house, the furniture has clean lines and there's lots of black and white with natural pops. 
The color is pretty bright but the room is large and gets lots of light so it's really soothing versus being overwhelming. It's just as cozy at night, too!

Originally this room had carpet and we realized pretty quickly that it had to go. We replaced the carpet with hardwood floors a few years ago and it's been one of the best changes we've made in our house. One of the prettiest, too! 
We picked white for our dressers + nightstands. I'm not usually a fan of doing matchy-matchy furniture but I love the simple design of these pieces and they are budget-friendly! Our original bed frame was a simple, black Ikea frame and then we found this gray velvet tufted frame and we love it! I'm kind of bummed that we spent so many years without it, to be honest. 

Bringing in some natural-toned wood pieces balance out the stark white and the bright green bringing so much warmth to our space. And, as much as I love a good "shelfie", I wanted to keep our room as clutter-free as possible. It's already one of the rooms that collects the most dust on a regular basis and that drives me batty enough!

I brought in a couple of plants to help with keeping the air clean and besides the pile of pillows I like to keep on our bed, we keep it pretty simple and airy.

I still need a floor rug and I'd love to switch out all the dresser knobs for something a little more different. And, I keep going back and forth on painting the bench. I love this one but I also feel like I should just paint the one I have!

So, there's our bedroom! I'll be honest, it's the only bedroom in our house that's fully designed. Whoops!

Dressers, Ikea
Nightstands, Ikea
Lamps, Target
Wood floor mirror, Target
Plant, Home Depot
Plant stand, World Market
Bench, Marshalls
Chairs, Ikea
Copper pillow, World Market
Gray pillows, World Market
Black & white pillow, Ikea
Bedframe, Wayfair
Black & white art, Etsy

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