February 13, 2019


Valentine's day is tomorrow! Are you ready? It kind of surprised me this week, even though I knew it was coming. I think my brain was so focused on getting all the kid's valentines prepped for school and planning special snacks for their school parties. 

For us at home though, we keep it simple. Especially this year, between school and work and ballet, simple is going to be key. Usually we do take-out and spend whatever time we have together. There's always flowers and chocolate and sweet little gifts for the babes!

While we keep it simple and usually skip actual gifts, it's always fun to window shop online. Here's a few items I saw and loved!

one | twothreefourfivesix | seven 

I have plans to make a heart-shaped pizza for a quick family dinner after school. And, Manny and I have a tradition of watching Valentine's Day after the kids go to bed. It's going to be our usual, slightly hectic Thursday but love will be in the air!

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