February 8, 2019


Valentine's Day is next week! It's one of my favorite holidays. Because, what's not to love? Flowers from my guy, yummy chocolates, buying all the red + pink things for my babes. It's kind of the best. And it brings a little cheer and color to a sometimes gloomy time of the year. The weather here in mid-february is always hit or miss. I'm never really sure what we're going to get on love day!

Holidays are my jam and Valentine's Day is no different. Here's a few of my favorite love-day items from around the web! 

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

Last night I snuck out for a kid-free hour at Target! It was much needed after almost a week of being sick on the sofa but still having to "mom" through the days. As usual, I ended up in the holiday section. One of my favorite sections in the entire store! 

I picked up a couple of those conversation heart lollipops for the kids last night! I'm not a huge fan of the taste of actual conversation hearts but the design + concept of them is something I am 100% behind. 

Especially that nightgown from J. Crew! I ordered it for Lia and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it ships in time. Otherwise, she'll just rock it past Valentine's Day because we're still rocking Christmas jammies over here as one does!

So, tell me - are you a fan of Valentine's Day or is it just another day? Either way, I hope a little extra love is sprinkled on you!

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