February 4, 2019


I have been THE worst when it comes to grocery shopping lately. As in, I just haven't done it. Which leads to daily stops at the store that both the kids and my wallet dislike. I got it together this weekend though and finally got it done! It's been a long January and now runny noses and colds are following us into February. Having the meal plan should make the week things run a bit smoother around here this week so I can feel less guilty about spending a sick day on the sofa watching Mary Poppins!

MONDAY sheet pan chicken + potatoes

TUESDAY sausage + peppers with perogies and caesar salad.

WEDNESDAY lemon chicken + pasta salad

THURSDAY pot roast

FRIDAY pizza 

The kids have switched positions on us and Lia is making meal times easy by venturing out and trying a new thing here and there and actually eating what I put in front of her while Nico spends dinner time telling us no, picking around his food, and eventually skipping most of the meal entirely. We're at a stage in parenthood again where dinner time isn't super enjoyable. 

It's also the time when schedules get full again. The holidays are over and school events along with ballet and girl scouts are filling up our calendar. We're signing Nico up for soccer this week too! 

So, I'm counting on a few trusty recipes that can be thrown in the oven on one sheet or in the crockpot that are as kid-friendly as possible while still being something yummy for us too. Feel free to send all the good recipes my way! 

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