December 27, 2018


Another perfect Christmas in the books! Christmas this year felt a lot like checking off boxes. A never-ending to-do list that we felt HAD to be done. In the end, I cut a few corners, lowered some expectations and breathed. It was perfect. It always is perfect. 

Our snowman pancake tradition grew by a few whipped cream hats. We feasted on all the pancakes and hot chocolate our stomachs could take. 

It's so fun to watch the kids' personalities grow each year. Lia reacts to her presents the second she can see what they are. And, it's always a BIG reaction! Nico waited until every last piece of wrapping paper was off his gift before he reacted. It was the funniest thing to watch! 

We surprised them (again) with a trip to Disney World! It's the best way to keep the Christmas cheer going and celebrate their back-to-back birthdays.

Here's to the next perfect Christmas! 

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