November 28, 2018

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Hey, friends! It's been a while and sometimes this blog makes me feel like the absolute worst! Nothing like mom guilt over rarely documenting life here after the second child. Am I right?!

But in the spirit of documenting what I love and trying to get back on track, I thought I would share our Thanksgiving! Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Ours was great but I honestly cooked so much that I don't care to do it again until next year! Of course, I say that and Christmas will roll around and I'll make big dinner plans again...

We aren't usually home for Thanksgiving so this year was a bit of a treat. We stayed in and decorated the house for Christmas a little early. Except for the dining room - which, I did right by Thanksgiving with a mix of real and ceramic pumpkins and fresh greenery. We snuggled together on the sofa watching the floats and balloons of the Macy's parade on TV. The kids pointed out their favorite characters and had pretend snowball fights during the commercials. 

A great dinner, a little Black Friday shopping, and a lot of family time. We had the best weekend and it was the perfect kick-off to the holidays! 
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