August 20, 2018


We're (well, really, me) trying to get back on track with meal planning. With school back in session for both kids and therapy appts and ballet and everything else life has to offer, our weeks are about to get busy again.

And, I am a much nicer person with the evening rolls around and I've got dinner plans!

MONDAY hot dogs with macaroni


WEDNESDAY eating out local for bingo night! I think the kids will really dig it.

THURSDAY pulled pork sliders w/cole slaw + fruit

FRIDAY black pepper chicken 

Lia helped with this week's plan since and I'll be honest when I say that I kind of dislike help just as much as I like it. Is that a thing? Is it just me? I totally struggle with asking for help and then accepting what is given. That mom life. Hence, hot dogs on the menu yet again. 

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