August 22, 2018


Last year we took a mini family vacation at the end of summer. We really just needed a few days just for the four of us to just kind of chill out and regroup before school started. So, we took a weekend trip to Amelia Island. It's the perfect distance from us (2 hours!) to feel like we're on vacation but not so far that the kids hate the car ride.

And, we loved it so much that we decided to do it again this year. We're always traveling to visit family but these summer get-aways are just for us. 

We chose Jekyll Island for this trip. It's another gorgeous seaside town only about 2 hours away from us. We made the trip as soon as Nico finished up his first day of preschool.
The pool was our first stop as soon as we checked in to our hotel and tossed our bags in the room. When the kids were over the pool, we grabbed some sand toys and walked to the beach!

And, because it's my thing to always choose where we eat on vacation, I love sharing those places here too! Dinner was at The Wharf. Outdoor seating is almost always what we look for in vacation food spots. It's casual and I don't freak about our kids getting out of their seats every 2 minutes to roam around. It's kind of a win-win. And, their fish tacos got two thumbs up from M!

The rest of our weekend was spent wandering around the island. There was a quick stop at the driftwood beach. The kids rescued a living sand dollar that was trapped in the hot sand too far from the water and watched tiny crabs scatter around. 

The sea turtle hospital was a BIG hit with the kids! Nico asks about it at least once a day now. We were lucky enough to see a couple turtle patients being actively worked on by the resident veterinarian. 

We rented bikes and spent almost an entire day biking around the island. I think we figured it was around 11 miles total! It was a crazy long ride and a super hot day but the kids did amazing. And, we found Tortuga Jacks in our last couple miles and stopped to cool off and grab a bite to eat. The food was delicious and the kids are never happier than when you place chips and queso in front of them! 

Then there was a trolley ride to see a handful of old houses + historical places, some mini golf where the kids broke all the rules, and climbing trees!

And, for a dash of honesty and total realness, our little weekend trip had quite a few bumps. The kids were a little crankier than they usually are. Typically they are vacation rockstars. But, we all have bad days and we all have moments. Their crankiness passed to me and we had lots of little moments with very little patience all around.

Still, spending the weekend together alone was all we wanted. ❤

Favorite mentionables from the trip...

This little market. We grabbed a bagel and did a little souvenir shopping one morning. 
The board walk that led right from our hotel to the beach!
Zachry's Riverhouse. We stopped for lunch and enjoyed great live music while the kids played with the resident cat! 

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