August 20, 2018


Both of the kids are in school this year. It's nuts!

Nico is going to a 2-day/week half-day preschool program at L's old preschool. He started last week and I think he loves it! He tells me every morning when it's time for school that he's not going. Of course, he runs right into the building when we get there and has zero issues with me leaving. Because, kids. ;) 

It's adorable though. He's coming home with simple worksheets he's completed and tells me that he's made two friends that he plays with. It's just so good for him!

Lia started THIRD grade today. Third! That is nuts. Because, I swear I just dropped her off at her kindergarten door and wiped away the tears. There were no tears this year. We were on our game and at school early and she just said goodbye and hopped out of the car. Kids, man. 

I keep wishing for little sneak snippets of her day like they'd send in preschool. But by third grade, that bandaid has been ripped off. I'm sure she had a great day and it's so fun to watch her grow and change. It still hurts just a little though.

And, on a super real note - I'm so glad summer is over! I was losing my mess.

Here's to a new school year! ❤  

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