July 19, 2018


A mid-week meal plan because that's how summer has been rolling. Schedules have been tossed to the wind. Bedtimes? What are those? We're doing days how we feel and cramming in all the fun. I'm exhausted, of course, so we take off a day or two each week to try and play catch up. Yesterday was grocery pick-up day, so I figured I'd put our meal plan here on the blog incase someone else needed some summer meal plan inspiration!

MONDAY chicken taquitos

TUESDAY pizza out with friends

WEDNESDAY grilled steak garden salad

THURSDAY green chile chicken enchiladas

FRIDAY chicken pasta salad

I'll be honest. We aren't being super creative with our meal plans right now. We take shortcuts when we can (hello, rotisserie chicken from Sams that is precut and chilled) and we eat out at least once a week. But, if it's working for us and I can get a couple meals on the table that the majority of the family is happy with, I'm calling it a win. Kid-friendly meals with my crew are few and far in-between.

Almost all of the meals I make can easily be tweaked to a kid-friendly meal. The kids won't eat steak so we do chicken for them (I always keep frozen organic chicken nuggets in the house) and we give them fruit and some salad items (they both love hard boiled eggs and Lia will eat lettuce and cucumbers). On nights we eat Spanish food, we give the kids deconstructed tacos. Flour tortillas, shredded cheese, and whatever meat we're having. It's fun and yummy for them!

I try really hard not to make multiple meals a night. I'm not a huge fan of cooking so being as short order cook is totally out of the question. But, little tweaks here and there keep us mostly happy most nights. And, when all else fails, grill out!

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