June 3, 2018


Happy Sunday! It's our first official weekend of Summer and half of the crew is already gone. M is in Atlanta for work  and Lia is spending the week with her grandparents in North Carolina. They surprised her with a bike and plan on teaching her how to ride it! So, I think she's going to have a pretty exciting time. Nico and I are going to spend the week potty training (again!) and packing for a couple trips we've got coming up. We're actually spending the upcoming weekend in North Carolina with Lia and my parents before we head to New York next week. We're going to kick off Summer with some fun! After the whole potty training thing. Ha!

And, here's a few things around the web I'm loving this week...

Do we owe the internet authenticity? What do you think? I'm so curious to hear what others feel.

We're about to start a couple different house projects (a BIG backyard makeover and a couple mini bedroom makeovers) and I'm super inspired by these! 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Pushing beyond distraction. Another good read!

Two summer bucket lists that I'm loving. And stealing inspiration from! 1 | 2

The real (sort of) reasons why brides carry bouquets.

A sinkhole thats incredibly appropriate.

Do you have a side of the bed? I totally do. And, I can totally relate to this.

Still feeling all the feels over the royal wedding.

Have a great week, friends!

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