May 9, 2018


"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every year. Every single year when May rolls around, we start spending our evenings at the beach. We do it just long enough before tourist season really kicks in and it reaffirms our love for the ocean. Got cranky kids? Drive 'em to the beach. Having a rough day? Go to the beach. It's healing on so many levels. 

And our most favorite time at the beach is around 6 PM on any weeknight. We pack sandwiches or grab a pizza, toss blankets + towels and sand toys in the back of the car and hit the beach. Our only rule is that the kids have to wear sunscreen and they have to be with an adult in the water. Otherwise, they are free to grow and navigate and explore their surroundings. We're raising them near an ocean. The salt water is in their veins. And, I love that. I absolutely love raising them in an area that is so saturated with water. We have the ocean and rivers and all the amazing creatures that go along with it. It's a haven.

Here's to the start of another beach season. May it hold lots of sand, salt water, and plenty of trips to Rita's. ❤

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