May 11, 2018


Beach season is officially happening here on the southern east coast! Since we're always at the beach or the pool, I keep a bag packed and ready to go whenever the whim strikes. I try to keep our essentials all together in one place so that it's easy to find and easy to put back away (this is KEY for my family!). Our pool needs are a little different than our beach needs so I keep two bags packed and I thought I'd share our favorite beach must-haves. 

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Beach trips can seem daunting! Some days it seems easier to skip the whole trip than try and schlep through the hot sand with a pile of gear and hot, whiny kids. I totally get it! In the years, we've kind of streamlined what we take to the beach. We also usually avoid the beach when it's extra hot or really sunny. We typically go at night! But, these must-haves work great for day trips too. 

I am obsessed with outdoor blankets. Specifically the kind that roll up with a carrying strap. They are lightweight enough for the kids to carry (because everyone has to carry something - that's our rule!) and they are WASHABLE! That is everything. I love these blankets so much that we own a few and we keep one in the car strictly for using at parks or in our backyard, we keep one for the beach (I hate having sand stuck to a blanket that I want to use elsewhere) and then an extra one in the garage in case the others are in the wash or we just don't want to take the car one out. 

My other most favorite beach trick? Baby powder! I tell the kids it's magic powder because a little sprinkle knocks all the extra sand right off their hands and feet. I just toss a bottle in the beach bag at the beginning of every season because the kids ALWAYS point out if I don't bring it with me. Like last week when we hit the beach before I had packed our essentials...

And, of course, rash guards, cute swimsuits, hats, and sunnies are a must! We also always carry sand toys but we limit it to one bag of toys and we just rotate them out with our bigger stash every so often. I love that set above from amazon (and I am so tempted to order it and replace half of our current stash) because they are a soft, bendable material and they come with their own fun carrying bag! 

What are your beach must-haves? Am I missing something that I need to know about? I'd love to hear!

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