April 22, 2018


Happy Sunday night. + Happy Earth Day! It's been a LONG week so we took the weekend off from anything too crazy (besides tackling the huge chore of cleaning out our garage!). We had a lunch date to our favorite cuban restaurant, we stopped by a newly renovated park in our area, I grabbed dinner + drinks with a gal pal and then we headed to the movies. It was so nice to catch up and chat about our small businesses and big dreams for a bit. And today, we sat down for breakfast together and then went out and bought ferns to spruce up our front porch on Earth Day. It was a really good weekend. And, it's ending with a Shonda Rhimes catch-up fest and an ice cream bar in bed.

And, here's a few things around the web I'm loving this week...

A senator rocking her mom job and her job job! THIS was amazing. 

French bread pizza is back! Though honestly, I didn't know it had gone anywhere. It's a simple + cheap meal idea I keep on hand for busy weeknights or when I just need an easily customizable recipe.

The most beautiful military base home that I have ever laid eyes on. So much style + design inspiration to soak up!

Is it okay to drink water left out overnight?

I saw Amy Schumer's newest movie in theaters over the weekend and it was a laugh out loud movie that my friend and I could not stop shaking our heads in agreement too. Worth a watch! 

ALL the versions of Mindy Kaling. I loved seeing this pop up in my Instagram feed.

And,I opened my Etsy shop up again this week. It's got a few fun prints I've made lately and I am hoping to fill it up with more soon. I'd love it if you checked it out! ❤

We have a full week ahead! I'm so glad I get to tackle it with Manny back in town. I hope yours is great! 

Enjoy it!

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