April 13, 2018


I have had plans in the back of my mind (and a gallon of paint in our garage) waiting on me to finally start on Lia's bedroom makeover. It needed a fresh coat of paint and lately she's mentioned that the current pink is just "too light". 

We tend to tackle projects while the kids are out of town. And this week, even though it's only L out of town, Nico has been attached to my side when it comes to who takes him potty and makes his snacks and tucks him into bed, so we figured that M would have some free time to tackle the paint job while Nico and I shopped around for new pieces to pull together the space. We happened to be in Michael's picking up a couple of frames and I popped down the fairy garden aisle. Lia has been asking to make a fairy garden and I just haven't brought myself to do it. I don't know what it is - all the tiny breakable pieces, the fact that it has to go outdoors, etc. - but I always just say "maybe later". But I had an idea when I was in the aisle and things were on sale and I hope it's a good enough compromise for now!

I grabbed a jar with a lid, some green moss, and 2 tiny treasures. This DIY is incredibly easy and pretty inexpensive since everything was on sale.

I filled the jar up with the moss about a 1/4 of the way or so.

I realized that I kind of had to just drop the pieces in since my jar was tall and the mouth of it wasn't wide enough for my hand to fit through. So, I eyeballed where I wanted them, gently dropped them in, and then took kitchen tongs to readjust once everything was in.

Once I was done and had everything settled, I wiped around the top of my jar with a slightly damp paper towel to get the extra moss residue off. 

 Tada! I kept it pretty simple so that she can pick out one or two more small things to add on her own. I think if this is a hit with her, we may move on to something slightly bigger like this terrarium!

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