March 22, 2018


Easter is only a little over a week away! Despite the weather the un-spring like weather that's been happening up and down the east coast, I'm still really excited to fill some baskets with spring-y goods. Our kids really love easter - visiting the EB, putting on a fresh new outfits, dying eggs with koolaid! We always keep it pretty simple though with a fun breakfast, an egg hunt at home, and opening their baskets to find lots of treats and little gifts. I try to limit the candy that they get in their baskets (they get so much already from our families!) so instead I focus on things like a new book or two, something they need for the new season (like swimsuits or pajamas) and a Jellycat stuffy. I'm more of a quality over quanity gal when it comes to holidays, so today I'm sharing a few of the things we love for easter basket fillers. 

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Lia is really into headbands + all things glittery so these bunny ears are the perfect addition to her basket. Both kids are also crazy over books right now so those are a must. And, we usually do a Jellycat bunny for each kid but that octopus is really inching his way to the top of my list! It's the perfect animal for where we live. ❤ The rest of the goodies will be small but special - jellybeans, toy dinosaurs, bubbles, and Star Wars figurines! 

What are your favorite basket fillings?

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