February 21, 2018

I'm back.

It's been months since I've posted! And, FOREVER, since I've posted semi-regularly. I love writing about our lives and documenting all the small bits and pieces that make up the story of our lives. But, for a long while now, instead of feeling inspired by blogs and Instagram and Pinterest, I've been feeling overwhelmed and weighed down by it all. 

Everything is so well curated these days. Instagram is full of beautiful photos and seemingly perfect lives. And, I get that. I try to curate my feed too. I do it because I like it. I like taking photos that mean something and sharing my favorite bits of our life. I like having all the nice and pretty moments together. THAT is inspiring to me. THAT reminds me to be grateful and squeeze the heck out of life even more.

But, there's a line that gets really blurry on social media. Was my caption witty enough? Did I use the right filter? OMG, are there enough white walls in my house? Some people on Instagram really have their crap together. Others are just really good at making it look like they do. Either way, it leaves a twinge of green-eyed envy in the rest of us. That green-eyed envy is part of why I stopped blogging. It just seemed like too much. Does anyone even read blogs anymore? Is blogger becoming obsolete? Am I doing this for everyone else? 

So, I just stopped. I stopped updating. I stopped writing. And without realizing it, I stopped pushing my creativity. I stopped documenting our lives as much. I didn't take as many photos. I didn't capture as many memories. I just kept telling myself that "it's fine" and "don't worry about it". But, it's not wasn't. I miss having the purpose that comes with purposefully trying to document our lives. I really miss it.

So, here I am. Months later. Feeling cluttered and overwhelmed and utterly behind, but also a little more clear-minded.

It's so easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing and to constantly compare ourselves. It's part of being human and it will probably never end. I'm just here to find the medium. That happy middle ground balance that lets me soak up inspiration and creativity and joy from what others share and keep on keeping on with what I share. 


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