December 12, 2017

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L performed in her fifth year of The Nutcracker last week! It's always so much fun and (usually!) brings me to tears to see her progress through each different role. She grows so much in a year and it never hits me until I watch her dance every December.

She auditioned for the role of Clara this year and though she didn't get it, she was so humble and poised throughout the experience. She took on her roll of a party girl with the rest of her class with a little fun and grace!

Do any of your littles have Christmas recitals? Aren't they the most magical time?

PS. Nico wouldn't stand for not being in pictures with her so we had to try and trick him out of the shots!

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My love of mason jars and adding new holiday decor every year pair up in this fun + easy DIY!

We love snowglobes around here but we also love kid-friendly decor and snowglobes are heavy, full of water, and not always cheap. So, we've made our own the past couple of years at Christmas time!

All you need is a hot glue gun, a couple of mason jars, tiny bottle trees, snow filler (I found ours at Michaels!) and a few spare minutes. 

See? Easy, inexpensive, and so much fun! Even though these are made of glass, they aren't as heavy as usual snowglobes and with a little supervision, we let the kids shake them up to watch the snow. Fun parents, happy kids, and festive decor for the win!

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December 6, 2017

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Did you know there's a Christmas tree shortage happening around the country? It's a pretty bah humbug way to start December. But, I'm on a mission this year to keep the merry happening. This holiday train is going to keep on chugging through stress and drama and overfilled plates. So, in efforts to keep the merry-ness merry, we decided to support another small local roadside stand when our usual "cut your own" farm closed down for the season early. And, we found another great local spot to snap our yearly family photograph.

Here's to twinkly lights, roadside stands, and that fresh tree smell.

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