September 19, 2017


We're back in our sweet, little town. And we missed it! Do you guys realize how much you love your town every time you leave it too? We left town for a week to dodge Hurricane Irma and ended up back in my hometown. M spent a few days with us but mostly, it was just me, the kids, and the dog hanging with the grandparents.

We explored a firehouse museum.

And left with noisy firetruck toys!

The kids loved exploring the town. Checking out old houses is always my jam and the kids love having the freedom to run around!

 I may have said yes to way more sugar than two little kiddos ever need to ingest.

And, someone pierced her ears!! She was adorable and angry all at the same time and now she loves them.

Now we're just playing one big round of catch-up. I'm trying to get the house back in order and not spend hours wandering the aisles of Target. Okay, I did that once. But, you know, I'm trying to keep that on a realistic level!

Lia is busy this week making up ballet lessons. She's really excited to try-out soon for the part of Clara in the winter recital. Nico is going to his first soccer lesson tonight! It's a new-to-us league and the ages start at 3 but we're keeping our fingers crossed the coach lets him in. Something tells me an hour twice a week running around a soccer field will do that kid some good! He has so. much. energy.

Here's to a good week you guys. I think the world could use some good vibes right about now. 

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