August 7, 2017


We whisked the kids away last weekend for a little trip for just the four of us! We weren't really sure where we wanted to go but we wanted something close enough to make a weekend trip worth it and far away enough that it felt like a vacation to the kids. And, it had to be somewhere we had never been before.

We landed on Amelia Island in Florida and you guys, it did not disappoint. We made the 2 1/2 hour drive after M got home from work on Friday and got into town in time for a late night dinner at the local hotspot, The Salty Pelican, and a stroll around the most charming downtown street.

Dinner was amazing. Can I just say food tastes better when eating it outside? We dined outside all weekend long and it was the best. The kids had a blast exploring a mini-sized waterfall hidden away in the courtyard behind the restaurant.

The next morning we headed out early to walk to the local farmers market. On the way, we found a painted rock and it kind of set off a thing with Lia. Did you know about the painted rock craze thats happening now? It took over our weekend! We searched for rocks high and low and there were A LOT of tears over the painted rock Nico threw into a fountain. It became un-rescuable and she was SO upset. On the bright side, she found others and had fun re-hidng them. She was so super secret about re-rehiding them too!

Our hotel was in the heart of downtown and only a block away from the waterfront. Seriously, charm oozed out of every corner. Half number address - a little Harry Potter-esque, no? I was in love. The local fudge shop, Fantastic Fudge, on the corner had a line out the door all weekend and we quickly figured out it was totally worth it. We stopped by Saturday night after grabbing pizza at Pi Infinite with the sweetest, most attentive staff ever. 

A carousel house, anyone? Lia thought it was the GREATEST THING EVER. She kept telling us how funny and great it would be to live there because you could ride on your own house!

So, while I was doing our research, I discovered that Amelia Island is where Pippi Longstocking was filmed! That pretty much set the deal for our vacation. L went through a Pippi phase a few years ago when I dressed her as Pippi Longstocking for Halloween. She was adorable and became obsessed with the movie. It was one of the most fun moments to show her the house that Pippi lived in for the movie.

The Island is also full of history. We drove around and found the lighthouse. We weren't able to go inside but there was literally no-one there so the kids had free space to roam the grounds. Nico, of course, tried breaking in. He's such an explorer, you guys. We explored a tiny museum about the town and walked back to the hotel in the rain. And, we drove through the state park, Fort Clinch, to find the best shelling beaches. Lia and I dug for probably an hour and only came up with one tiny shark tooth but it was all we wanted! 

And, you can't visit Florida without hitting a beach. It's a rule or something. We were less than prepared but I think that's where the magic comes in. The kids needed only need their swim suits and freedom to run in the ocean. They had both, so we were set!

If you're looking for a sweet little island to visit, this is it. Everyone was so kind and friendly. The food was great. It was the perfect weekend trip. And it was exactly what we all needed!

And my favorite mentionables from the trip.

This shop! I wanted one of everything.
This bakery! They gave our crying kids free cookies. That's love, you guys.
And, ALL the modern/midcentury/beachy houses that somehow seamlessly combined all those styles and made me want to pack up and move!

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