August 6, 2017


Life is speeding by, you guys. I blinked and summer happened! We've been soaking up all the last moments of this summer that we're going to get. We're all having mixed feelings about what's to come. 

We leave for Mexico in a few days and that's the very last hurrah of summer for us. School starts right after we get back and we're all going to be diving back into our usual schedules. Part of me is going to miss having my girl home every day with me but the other part of me is really craving a routine and a schedule and the feeling of getting back to business as usual. A change is looming ahead and I can feel it in my soul.

The last week has been slightly insane. Running errands topped my to-do list every single day while I was trying to wrap up party prep for a client while getting the kids ready (health-wise) for Mexico and packing everything. Traveling to another country is new to us and I'm a chronic over-packer! It's a slightly hilarious combination and it's had me stressed out. On the bright side, I'm mostly packed and feeling good about a week abroad. It's going to be a different experience for us to soak up and it's going to force us to spend more quality time together without having our faces stuck to a screen. We've been far too guilty of that this summer! Anyone else? 

Mixed in among the chaos were pockets full of joy and magic though. A morning swim.  Unpacking sea treasures from our last summer hurrah. We visited Amelia Island and fell in love. I'll be sharing a post on that soon! They stayed up way past their bedtimes most nights. We had a late-night run for milkshakes and ate them outside on a warm night. I took Lia along with me for the first time to get a pedicure. She giggled all the way through! And we squeezed in trips to the park and story time and fresh haircuts!

Summer has been good to us. Here's to the last hurrah!

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