July 7, 2017

THE FOURTH \\ 2017

I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday!

We're usually away in North Carolina or New York for the fourth so it was fun to just stay home and hang out together. 

It's been HOT. The heat is really kicking in this week, so we decided the pool was the place to be. We spent most of the day at the pool. The kids were just happy to dive in and splash around and snack on watermelon. Then, we headed home to throw together dinner. The kids were wiped from the pool and ended up napping. It was like their very own independence day gift to us, ha!

We decided to stay local for fireworks and skip the festivities on the island because 1. the crowds + traffic and 2. the HEAT! We met up with some friends to catch a small local show. 

We introduced the kids to pop-its while we were waiting for fireworks. They thought they were the greatest things ever and quickly used them all up! It was just a really great day.

Isn't this country beautiful + amazing? Home of the free, because of the brave!

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