July 10, 2017


The guest bedroom has been a mess for weeks. It's become a catch-all room with everything going on in the house. Once we had the carpet ripped up and replaced with hardwoods, we put the rest of the house together and just overlooked this room.

Manny's sister decided to fly in to visit this week so we had one weekend to get it in guest-ready shape! And, I'm always pretty excited to tackle weekend projects in the form of room make-overs!

It originally looked like this before it became a catchall and was a functioning guest room. There was no personality but it helped to have an extra bed and a space where our family and friends could stay when they needed to. Or, when one of us could catch some sleep when sick kiddos took over our bed!

I picked the color on a whim! I saw it on Pinterest and loved it. The color is Benjamin Moore Vertigris but we took it to Home Depot and had them match it for us in a Behr brand paint. It dried a bit darker than we were expecting but it turns out, we love it! 

Since it was a weekend project and we're on a budget, I used what we had on hand to pull the space together. I did end up buying an inexpensive white duvet cover from Target and the black + white throw pillow. But, everything else I pulled from around the house.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect rug and some artwork, but I am really loving the style + vibe that's coming out of this room. And I've noticed I've got a thing for green bedrooms (here's our bedroom!) and crisp white bedding.

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